We have turned over 1,000 city resident names, and 400 others to council on August 2nd.

The choices we make today shape the world of tomorrow.

The Grand Haven Energy Organization is a fast-growing community-based group concerned about the future of our electrical energy supply. Our City Council will soon be voting on the issue of authorizing “Revenue Bonds” for the Board of Light and Power for the construction of a new, small gas-powered electricity generating plant, and an office building on Harbor Island.  

Before the council votes, we are requesting that they authorize an independent study of the BLP plans. Current plans have been developed by BLP staff, and selected consultants to the BLP.

We are requesting that the council arrange, with local industries, to select an independent consulting organization that is NOT tied to the energy industry, yet is highly qualified in its understanding of the future of energy in the USA.

We invite you to join us both in an effort to understand the issue, and to express your feelings to the Council. 

Please look over this site to educate yourself on the issues.

WHAT     WHY     WHO  


This is the Grand Haven Energy Organization’s “What, Why, Who.”  We hope you take time to read it.  It will help you to understand our community’s future electricity supply issues.


The plans of the Grand Haven Board of Light and Power the Grand Haven area have drawn a strong reaction!  As of mid-June, nearly 1,000 people have signed an advisory petition to the City Council to request a second look at the plans, by a qualified organization not directly tied to the energy industry, but with significant experience understanding it.


All around town, people are scratching their heads wondering what is going on.  Unfortunately, our local media, though they are trying,  is too overwhelmed and under-staffed to truly cover the issues.  They try, but the issues are complex.


Both the Grand Haven Energy Organization (GHEO), and the Board of Light and power’s public relations firm, are presenting information to the public.  We know we do not have all the answers.  Neither do they.


That is why we are encouraging our City Council to arrange for a second look. 


This information section contains 3 sections, What?  Why? and Who?  We hope it will answer your questions..

  • The $45,000,000 Bond issue for the BLP’s Proposed Project

  • Tell us about the proposed “Peaker” Gas generating plant

  • The Downtown Snowmelt System

  • The proposed new BLP Office Building overlooking the Grand River

Solar Energy
  • The economics of the proposal are questionable.

  • Renewable Energy Supply and the BLP

  • Harbor Island and the Environment

pannels in grass
  • What is the Grand Haven BLP?

  • What is the Grand Haven Energy Organization?






The Grand Haven Board of Light and Power (BLP) is owned by the residents of Grand Haven. YOU elect the BLP Trustees and the City Council.

The BLP plans have been developed with very little direct input from members of our community.  Now, they are asking the council to approve those plans.

Whatever your position may be, please let the council hear from you.

Your opinion matters. We believe the City Council believes that as well. Please reach out and express your views about the proposed Harbor Island project to the council. Grand Haven Energy is committed to transparency. We will share a copy of your comments with all Grand Haven City Council members, the Mayor, the City Manager, and the City Clerk.

A copy of your comment will be published in the City Council packet prior to the hearing. If you would like to speak at public comment and need help navigating the process, please contact our team and we will help. Thank you for your civic engagement.

Thanks for submitting!